Cubicle System


NOXX – the innovative cubicle system for new sanitary impressions

The system – combined with quality and design – sets a new benchmark! KEMMLIT has developed NOXX in association with renowned architects.

With it’s prominent features NOXX is one of a kind in the area of washroom cubicle systems and has recieved numerous design and innovation awards.


Cubicle systems are designed to secure privacy. NOXX masters this demand better than common cubicle systems. The reduction of under panel clearance and the increased height of panels and doors clearly improve privacy.

Persuasive presentation of pathbreaking design: joints of only a few millimetre width stand for first class quality and accuracy in construction. Both wide and narrow aluminium profiles structure the front of the cubicle in a unique fashion.

NOXX is lightness that affects the entire room. No supporting legs, nor suspensions can be seen. Nothing distracts from the smooth surface of the front panels. Behind that is an intricate construction striking a new path.

NOXX comes in three versions:

NOXX is available in three different colour groups for both wet and dry areas: KLASSIK, ELEGANT and TREND. Hinges, profiles, lever handles are all in satin anodised aluminium. With the addition of the specially developed light elements the impression of the cubicle system can be further intensified.

All versions of NOXX are TÜV and GS certified.

Areas of application: Industry and trade, administration, public authorities and public buildings, universities, museums, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, spas, hotels, restaurants, camp sites, stadia, amusement parks.