Cubicle system | classiccell®

A classic made of metal

Smooth surfaced, modern design

Flexible design

Due to antibacterial surface

Due to water resistant material

Door and panel elements of the WC cubicle system classiccell consist of a 42-mm-thick metal construction optionally made of stainless steel, aluminium or steel. Due to its smooth surface, classiccell is timeless, elegant and sleek. Rows of cubicles as well as single cubicles can be freely designed.

The front elements and partitions of the WC cubicle system can be designed as a room-high closed version with room-high doors. This ensures a high level of privacy and noise reduction. The nearly room-high solution with floor and ceiling joints is a new feature. The doors are designed close to the ceiling and floor to ensure optimum ventilation. The joints can be reduced to a minimum of 80 mm. The stabiliser is concealed in the front. In the standard version, classiccell is provided with supporting legs and stabiliser in the front wall.