Cubicle system | NiUU K

38 mm thick wooden material elements

The WC cubicle system NiUU K is made of 38 mm thick wooden material. The elements are equipped with a strong ABS lipping, and on the fitting sides with an aluminium edge protector against impact.

NiUU K can be provided with supporting legs and stabiliser in the front. For a floating appearance, the supporting legs and stabiliser of the cubicle system can be recessed. This construction also allows for easier cleaning. To increase privacy, the cubicle system is available as a room-high closed version. With this solution, the front side, partition panels and doors are closed from the floor to the ceiling. The maximum possible room height is 2800 mm. With NiUU K, all elements can be implemented at room height throughout.

Fittings, hinges and connecting elements are made of anodised aluminium and have been specially developed for sanitary facilities. In addition to 15 standard colours, three wooden decors are also available. Special colours are available on request.

A particular highlight of the WC cubicle system is the innovative grip bar in three different versions. The NiUU K cubicle system system is equipped with a solid three-roller edge hinge as standard in the range. The concealed special hinge is optionally available to ensure a smooth surface even with doors opening outwards.