KEMMLIT greenline cubicle systems

One step towards sustainability

We achieve sustainability by not only minding our pollutant releases and energy consumption, but also
by using certified components for our products:

The DGNB (German Society for Sustainable Building,
registered society) is a certification system for sustainable and economically efficient building in Germany. It serves the impartial description and evaluation of the sustainability of buildings and city districts. For the evaluation of buildings, about 50 criteria apply from subject areas such as ecology, economics, sociocultural and functional aspects, engineering, processing and location. It is essential that the DGNB system never assesses single measures but always the overall performance of a building or city district.

The ISO 14001 norm defines environmental management requirements, which enable a company to improve its environmental performance, fulfil legal and other obligations and reach environment objectives. The essential elements of the DIN EN ISO 14001 are: planning, execution, checking and improvement.

Our greenline cubicle systems: