for schools

While using the rest room we prefer to be shielded from glances of strangers, unpleasant odours and noises coming from next-door. KEMMLIT has designed functional solutions tailored to these needs. WC cubicles with floor to ceiling construction or special climb-over protection for examples increase the sense of privacy and enhance the feeling of well-being while using the rest room.

Hygiene and cleanliness are also important criteria for visits to the rest room. During the development of WC cubicles we therefore attach great importance to easy cleanability. Flexible designs with economic placing of supporting legs enable smooth floor cleaning. Sturdy and easy to clean surfaces ensure lasting high class appearance.

Safety is top priority for school rest rooms. For this reason KEMMLIT WC cubicle systems are TÜV and GS (tested safety) inspected and comply with all necessary quality requirements. All details regarding the construction are designed for high class appearance and long lasting, maintenance-free performance.